The autism spectrum is just that – a spectrum. Everyone’s experience is different and unique. It would be a mistake to compare them all based on one individual experience.

To be able to understand the real picture, you have to take into account all people on the spectrum’s stories.

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13 Videos

  • Matthew Rosza // Autistic Writer

    Matthew Rojah is an autistic writer who works for Salon Magazine. His diverse portfolio includes breaking news, political editorials, personal essays and movie reviews.

    Matthew discloses how most his childhood trauma resulted from being bullied because he was different and was compounded by h...

  • Maia Szalavitz // Autistic Author

    Maia Szalavits is an autistic author and journalist who writes about neuroscience and addiction. Misdiagnosed with multiple mental and neurological conditions as a child, she was able to read at three but battled with sensory and social issues.

    In this candid disclosure, the author reveals ho...

  • John // Neurodiversity Pathways

    John Marble was diagnosed with autism six years ago. He is well travelled and enjoyed a successful career in politics, while working at the White House for the Obama administration. Despite inherent challenges of being on the spectrum and the usual stress of politics, John excelled in his role, a...

  • Johnathan // Voice Actor

    Johnathan Murphy is a voice actor, who is on the autism spectrum. This video shares his story and provides deeper understanding about what it is like to live with autism.
    Turning his stumbling block into a springboard, he proves that it is possible to have a fulfilling and independent life. But...

  • Anlor Davin // Zen Meditation

    Anlor Davin is an autistic woman who successfully uses Zen meditation to manage her condition.

    Born in France, she found some respite while growing up by playing tennis. But unaware of her autism, Anlor suffered immensely from isolation, confusion and uncertainty due to the typical ASD behavi...

  • Luke // Diagnosed with ASD

    Luke Guastaferro is on the autism spectrum. He is part of the Autism Works Now program, a pre-employment skills platform for autistic adults. In this interview he shares his journey and talks about how the program helped him to find a full-time job at a home building company.

    At the age of sev...

  • Grace // Actress

    Grace Ritchey talks about being an autistic actress and her journey moving to Los Angeles. Grace played in the Netflix series Atypical and shares the challenges she faced growing up and how she copes in social situations.

    Grace gives advice for people living with autism who are looking to work...

  • Dan // Product Manager

    Dan Grover is a product manager who works at Facebook. Diagnosed at 9, this engaging young man also co-founded of WrongPlanet.net with Alex Plank in their teens.

    Dan talks about challenges he faced as a kid and strategies he adopted to help him cope. Bullied as a child, he gives younger autist...

  • Greg // Data Analyst

    Data Analyst Greg Gust was diagnosed with autism in 2009. He was prompted to consult a psychiatrist for assessment while filling out a school screening test for autism, for his son. He shares how this discovery gave him perspective, and how his condition advantaged him in his career.
    Talking ab...

  • Alex // Actor

    Alex Plank, the founder of WrongPlanet.net and co-founder of Autism Stories, was diagnosed with autism at age 9.
    Alex shares the challenges he faced growing up, talks about his road to success and offers precious advice for other people on the spectrum hoping to succeed. He discusses the foundin...

  • Joshua // Musician

    Diagnosed with ASD at 10 years of age, Joshua Nussbaum shares his experiences. He is a music student and composes electronic, dance, and hip-hop music under the name Mussar.

    Josh showed signs of being on the spectrum from an early age but had many problems getting a diagnosis. Misdiagnosed on...

  • Sara // Social Influencer

    Sara Mills is an autistic entrepreneur and social influencer, with over a million followers across Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. She was diagnosed with Asperger’s as an adult, after researching autism when she suspected that her boyfriend was on the spectrum.

    Completing an autism screening...

  • Bram // Entrepreneur

    Bram Cohen, inventor of the transformative peer-to-peer file sharing technology BitTorrent, self-diagnosed with autism in his twenties.

    In this interview, Cohen talks about his co-morbid OCD condition and how self-therapy and growing older has helped him cope with both issues. He has interesti...