Working with autism is a choice for most of the experts or trained professionals out there. Their dedication, courage and skills is what our loved ones need to have a chance to have a fulfilling life.

At autism stories we go around to meet these amazing souls, sometimes they also have family members on the spectrum which makes it even more valuable as they understand all the different angles.

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8 Videos

  • Alycia Halladay // Autism Science Foundation

    Alycia Halladay is the Chief Science Officer of the Autism Science Foundation. Her 8-year old daughter Sarah is a fraternal twin who was diagnosed with autism at the age of three.

    The journey for this family was unusual (although not unheard of), as Sarah was diagnosed with ASD while her twin ...

  • Garth // Spectrum Laboratory

    Garth Herberg (34) is the co-founder of Spectrum Laboratory, a non-profit organization based in California which offers unique and diverse creative programs for autistic kids.

    His interest in autism started while employed at Bridges Academy, but the idea for creating Spectrum Laboratory came a...

  • Ifunanya // Jazz Hands for Autism

    Ifunanya Nweke, founder and executive director of Jazz Hands for Autism, shares inspiring insights about her work with musicians on the spectrum.

    A must-watch for parents of autistic kids, this video demonstrates the significance of identifying and developing musical abilities in such kids. It...

  • Gray // Mindspark

    Gray Benoist, founder of Mindspark, has two boys on the autism spectrum (aged 29 and 30), who were diagnosed in the early nineties.

    Gray talks about the difficulties they experienced getting a diagnosis, the lack of services available back then, and how he and his wife had to become experts i...

  • Jenny Palmiotto // Love & Autism

    It was a college crush that set Jenny Palmiotto off on an 18-year journey in the field of autism. In 2013, her journey culminated in the creation of Love & Autism; a conference aimed at dispelling dated, limiting and largely distorted perceptions of people on the autism spectrum.

    As a freshm...

  • Dr Elizabeth Laugeson // PEERS Social Skills

    Doctor Elizabeth Laugeson works for the department of psychiatry at UCLA, doing autism research focused on helping adults and children with ASD to develop meaningful relationships.

    In 2003 she had been working on a social skills project aimed at helping people with FASD. But, while working on ...

  • Vanessa // Yeas Yoga

    Vanessa Kahlon is the creator of Yeas Yoga and the founder of Kahlon Family Services and the non-profit KFS School, based in San Francisco.

    In this interview, Vanessa shares the story of how she began working with autistic children and discusses the mission behind Kahlon Family Services. Vane...

  • Joanne // Autism Works Now

    Joanne Lara is the executive director of Autism Movement Therapy and Autism Works Now, two organizations with different purposes. Autism Works Now provides job training and placement for individuals on the spectrum, while Autism Movement Therapy is a dance program for individuals on the spectrum....