Hearing the word “autism” during a diagnosis result can be upsetting for some parents. You are entering an unknown and scary world.

The good news is that you are not alone! Hearing how parents faced this diagnosis can be very helpful. Discover how other parents are navigating this new world.

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11 Videos

  • Gena // Wolf + Friends

    Gena Mann is the co-founder of Wolf+Friends, an app for connecting parents with children on the spectrum. She’s a mom to two autistic children, and two typical kids.

    When her eldest son (now 16) was diagnosed with ASD at 15 months, Gena had never even heard of autism. Fifteen months later her ...

  • Elaine // The Miracle Project

    Elaine Hall has a son on the spectrum. It was a discovery that carved a new direction for her and led to the creation of the Miracle Project, an expressive arts program for autistic children and teens. Ten months after adopting her son from a Russian orphanage, the former actress was aggrieved to...

  • Yudi // Exceptional Minds

    Yudi Bennet’s son Noah (23) was diagnosed with autism at three years old. Their journey has led Yudi to prolific activism within the autism field, across multiple organizations and advocacy platforms.

    She is a founder of Exceptional Minds, the animation school and employment placement platform...

  • James // Parent - Lawyer

    James Sibley is an attorney specializing in special education law. His son was diagnosed with autism at the age of two and James speaks about his experiences navigating the healthcare and education systems over the last 18 years, without a guidebook.

    Sibley’s son was highly impacted at the sta...

  • Susan // Autism Works Now

    Susan Osborne’s journey began in 1997, when her son, Jacob (25) was diagnosed with autism at the age of three. Today, Susan works at her local high school as an instructional assistant. She is also a director at Autism Works Now: a program which trains autistic individuals with vital skills requi...

  • Alycia Halladay // Autism Science Foundation

    Alycia Halladay is the Chief Science Officer of the Autism Science Foundation. Her 8-year old daughter Sarah is a fraternal twin who was diagnosed with autism at the age of three.

    The journey for this family was unusual (although not unheard of), as Sarah was diagnosed with ASD while her twin ...

  • Alison // Brother diagnosed with ASD

    Having a sibling with autism had its challenges for Alison Dyer, a P.R. and marketing executive. Three weeks before she was born, her older brother Jeffery was diagnosed with ASD at two years of age.

    Alison describes her brother, Jeff (33), as smart, engaging and creative; while acknowledging ...

  • Matt // Ed Asner Family Center

    Matt Asner is the father of 6 children, 3 of whom are on the spectrum. His brother Charlie is also on the spectrum. As you can imagine, Autism plays a significant role in his life and has shaped the kind of parent Matt has become.

    His first exposure to autism was from his brother’s diagnosis a...

  • Gray // Mindspark

    Gray Benoist, founder of Mindspark, has two boys on the autism spectrum (aged 29 and 30), who were diagnosed in the early nineties.

    Gray talks about the difficulties they experienced getting a diagnosis, the lack of services available back then, and how he and his wife had to become experts i...

  • Dina // Entrepreneur

    Dina Kimmel, founder of We Rock the Spectrum Gyms for autistic kids, started her company after her son was diagnosed with autism 11 years ago.

    Worried because her son did not speak and had a lot of tantrums, she sought professional help. When she got the diagnosis, she knew nothing about auti...

  • Brian // Parent - Investor

    Brian Jacobs is a venture capital investor, working in Silicon Valley. He has invested in Auticon, an international IT consultancy that exclusively employs autistic people. His son was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome in middle school.

    The diagnosis provided a sense of relief as Brian fina...